Close Up of Smiling Female Face With Thick Black Eyebrows

Close Up of Smiling Female Face With Thick Black EyebrowsDermal fillers are becoming increasingly popular among men and women in New Jersey. And it’s no surprise why – they do wonders for the aging skin. Many people know dermal fillers as “wrinkle fillers,” but they do more than just fill in wrinkles. Dermal fillers have many rejuvenating benefits for the face. However, there are also many things dermal fillers can’t do. And unfortunately, Dr. Herbstman sees many patients every year who have high hopes for using dermal fillers to provide anti-aging results that just aren’t realistic. If you’re dealing with subtle (or not so subtle) signs of aging, call Dr. Herbstman today at Contemporary Plastic Surgery so he can evaluate your face to determine if dermal fillers can help.

As you continue reading this blog, we will discuss more about what dermal fillers can do, and what they can’t do.

Dermal Fillers Can:

Even though many people assume dermal fillers are only good to fill in wrinkles, there’s much more to this amazing, non-invasive anti-aging solution. For men and women in New Jersey, Dr. Herbstman can use dermal fillers to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as restore lost volume to certain areas. More specifically, some of the facial problems dermal fillers are most frequently used to help are:

  • Shallow contours of the face – dermal fillers can add volume to the cheeks and temples.
  • Thin lips – dermal fillers can provide New Jersey women with soft, plump lips.
  • Facial creases and wrinkles – dermal fillers can soften the appearance of fine and wrinkles lines around the mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Shadows under the lower eyelid – dermal fillers can reduce or eliminate the appearance of dark bags under the eyes.
  • Recessed scars – dermal fillers can soften the appearance of facial scars.
  • Acne scars – dermal fillers can reduce the appearance of acne scarring.
  • Chin creases – dermal fillers can eliminate creases and wrinkles around the chin.
  • Asymmetry of the face – dermal fillers can help add balance to the appearance of the face. 

Dermal Fillers Can’t:

While dermal fillers have many benefits for New Jersey residents, there are limitations to what they can accomplish. After all, dermal fillers are temporary and are not a permanent solution for the effects of aging. In order to maintain your results, you must continue to visit Dr. Herbstman for periodic injections. How often you need to visit him depends on the severity of your signs of aging and your desired results.

Additionally, though they will help delay the need for invasive surgery, dermal fillers aren’t able to provide the same results as surgical solutions such as a facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery.

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