After having children, many women want to lift, tighten, and restore the features of their body affected by pregnancy. Whether you want a fuller figure, a toned midsection, or more beautiful and youthful skin, explore your options with a mommy makeover.

New Jersey patients come to Dr. Robert Herbstman for their treatment based on his more-than-twenty years of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic or “cosmetic” surgery. They also choose him for their care because of the personal, collaborative, and attentive approach he follows.

A mommy makeover typically combines breast reshaping or enhancement surgery with body contouring procedures. Many New Jersey women also benefit from advanced skin care treatment to address stretchmarks and aging skin. By having multiple procedures in a single surgical session, you can reduce your overall recovery time and enjoy the benefits of total body rejuvenation. Learn more about your options with a mommy makeover.

Breast-Related Procedures

After having children, many New Jersey women lose fullness in the upper pole of their breasts and develop loose, excess skin and breast tissue. If sagging or loss of volume in your breasts are keeping you from wearing certain styles of clothes, having confidence in your body, and looking the way that you want, make breast surgery part of your mommy makeover.

Breast Augmentation

Through breast augmentation, Dr. Herbstman returns youthful, natural-looking fullness to the breasts in harmony with each patient’s features. He is a founding member of the breast center at Saint Peter’s University Hospital and in addition to cosmetic breast surgery has been performing breast reconstructive procedures for two decades. Through extensive consultation, he can design a personalized treatment plan to match your aesthetic ideal.

Breast Lift

After having children, your breasts may have changed shape, begun to sag, or angled downward instead of sitting at a higher position associated with a youthful appearance. Dr. Herbstman can reposition the breasts and restore a rounded shape with a breast lift. Many of our mommy makeover patients will combine a breast lift with an augmentation to get a beautiful figure and replace lost fullness.

Body-Related Procedures

Your figure may have changed after having kids, and, if you’re like a lot of the women who visit our practice, diet and exercise haven’t gotten you back to where you want to be. A mommy makeover frequently includes options for revising excess skin and removing targeted areas of fat and tightening damaged abdominal muscles. Dr. Herbstman can also provide treatment to address changes to the genitals after childbirth, such as labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation. Other body-related procedures he performs for New Jersey patients include:


With this popular plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Herbstman eliminates areas of fat and tightens features of the torso, buttocks, back, arms, and legs. Resolving these trouble-spots can give you an overall slimmer appearance. Dr. Herbstman also performs the “Brazilian Butt Lift” to further enhance and reshape the buttock area by combining liposuction and fat transfer.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty (“Tummy Tuck“) is one of the most popular options among our mommy makeover patients because it provides significant improvement in the area that pregnancy most affects. After childbirth, you may be left with lax abdominal muscles and excess skin, fat, and stretchmarks around your midsection. Tummy tuck surgery can restore a fit and firm appearance to your belly.


Changes in the appearance of the genital area can be a troubling consequence of pregnancy.  Patients may notice enlargement or protrusion of the labia causing dissatisfaction with appearance or even resulting in discomfort with intercourse. Dr. Herbstman performs labiaplasty to reduce excess tissue and restore symmetry. In some cases loss of volume of the outer labia (labia majora) associated with aging can be corrected with fat grafting or injectable fillers as well. These procedures are well tolerated and performed in the comfort and privacy of our surgical suite and are well tolerated with minimal anesthesia.

Skin Care

Dr. Herbstman often encourages mommy makeover patients to think beyond the most prominent changes to their bodies and to focus also on subtle signs of aging and environmental damage. Women often benefit from treatment for hyperpigmentation, damaged blood vessels, and stretchmarks, which collectively can detract from their appearance. Improvement in the condition of your skin can rejuvenate your body in a beautiful and natural-looking way. Contemporary Plastic Surgery provides a wide range of solutions, including those listed below.

Dermal Fillers and BOTOX

Dermal fillers and BOTOX are popular non-surgical solutions for temporarily reducing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. With these products, Dr. Herbstman can treat signs of aging around the eyes, nose, and mouth and can restore fullness and definition to your features.


This safe and effective  FDA approved non-surgical treatment tightens skin along the jawline, neck, and brow. Our New Jersey patients choose Ultherapy as a less intensive alternative to a facelift, one that offers noticeable benefits without the extended downtime.


Fraxel is an advanced treatment for mommy makeover patients that renews the skin’s texture and appearance. With this minimally invasive technique, Dr. Herbstman can address signs of aging and skin damage along the face, chest, and hands.

Microneedling and Micro Dermabrasion

Microneedling introduces growth factors into the deep layers of the tissue and stimulates collagen formulation and elastin production. The goal is to give you skin that looks and feels healthier and more youthful. Micro Dermabrasion is an alternative skin treatment that our practice can use to buff away surface cells and restore a radiant, youthful aesthetic.

Explore all of your options with a mommy makeover at Contemporary Plastic Surgery. Contact our practice for an appointment at either of our New Jersey locations.