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Breast Implant Options

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If you are considering breast augmentation, you enjoy more breast implant choices today than ever before. This diversity of options allows you to benefit from enhancement that is beautiful, natural-looking, and in harmony with your other features.

Based on more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Robert Herbstman can help you select breast implant options that are well suited to your unique physical characteristics and aesthetic goals. Breast-related procedures have been an area of focus throughout his career, and he brings an artistic eye and refined technical skills to every surgery that he performs.

Understanding Your Breast Implant Options

Advances in the design and construction of breast implants allow Dr. Herbstman to provide a wide range of cosmetic choices in your breast augmentation. These advances let him customize treatment so that your results look and feel just as you envision.

Breast implants options include:

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You can read more about each of these factors below. We also encourage you to ask questions about the differences between the various types of breast implants during your initial consultation with Dr. Herbstman. He has experience with almost every form of implant, and he can advise you about which options will provide the most natural-looking and attractive appearance.

Regardless of which implants you choose, you can have confidence in your care. Dr. Herbstman promotes the safety and comfort of his patients by using high-quality materials in all of his procedures. In the case of breast implants, he offers products from major U.S. manufacturers including Allergan®, Mentor®, and Sientra.

Which Implants Are Right for You?

Comparison Table Showing the Differences Between Saline and Round Silicone Implants
Comparison Table Showing the Differences Between Saline and Round Silicone Implants


You may already have a good idea of the size that you’d like your breasts to be after your procedure. However, it’s important to keep in mind that one size of breast implants may produce a different appearance on two different patients.

The reason for this is that you may have more or less breast tissue, to begin with than another person. Also, the proportions of your chest may differ from another patient. A woman with a broad chest may get a more naturally full appearance with a large implant than a patient with a narrow chest.

Similarly, you should think of your ideal results in terms of the increase in size rather than in having a certain bra size. Bra cup sizes are inconsistent between manufacturers, and so wearing a C cup or D-cup may completely depend on which bra you choose.

During your consultation, Dr. Herbstman will talk with you about the size you’d like to achieve. He also recommends that his patients bring in photos of breasts that match their ideal outcome to serve as “goal pictures.”

As part of your preoperative planning, you will have the opportunity to try on implant sizers. These sizers fit into a bra and simulate how your breast implants may enhance your appearance. Based on this process, Dr. Herbstman will take measurements for “biodimensional planning” and recommend a range of implant choices for your surgery.

Material: Saline vs. Silicone Implants

Dr. Herbstman offers breast implants that are filled with either saline or silicone material. Silicone implants usually consist of a cohesive gel or a form-stable semi-solid. The latter option, known as gummy bear implants, has become increasingly popular among our patients.

Most women say that silicone implants look and feel more natural than saline. Dr. Herbstman usually recommends silicone implants for thinner patients who have less existing breast tissue and who may be susceptible to rippling (visible wrinkling of the implant shell).


Firmness can affect both the feel and the appearance of your breasts after augmentation. Dr. Herbstman will often demonstrate the differences for patients by standing the implant on its side. This gives them an idea of how the implant will settle and where its fullness will be located within their chest.

For example, a firm gel tends to emphasize the upper portion of the breast. This can provide youthful fullness, but this effect must be balanced with a natural-looking appearance. Holding the breast implants and examining the different options during your consultation can give you a good idea of the choice that will work best for your needs.


A breast implant’s profile refers to how far it projects from the chest related to the size of its base. Profiles come in low, moderate, moderate-plus, full, and extra high. The type of projection you will want will depend largely on your anatomy. Patients with a narrow chest tend to be better suited for higher profile implants, for instance.

During your consultation, Dr. Herbstman will take measurements of your chest to help in evaluating the profile choices that meet your desires. He will also factor in the amount of existing breast tissue as part of this bio-dimensional process.

Choosing from a Wide Range of Breast Implant Options

You can probably tell from the numerous features described above, selecting breast implants has become a more complex and more individualized process. Even manufacturers with relatively new products continue to innovate in their designs.

As you explore your options with breast implants, Dr. Herbstman and our staff encourage you to schedule a consultation. Through a collaborative and caring process, we will help you make the choice that fits your needs and goals.

Contemporary Plastic Surgery Offers The Ideal Choices In Breast Implants

Dr. Herbstman takes a personal approach to each patient’s treatment. From your initial consultation to your surgery to follow-up visits after breast augmentation, you will experience attentive and individualized care.

See the difference when you visit his practice in East Brunswick or Red Bank. Request a consultation online, or call us at (732) 253-4404.

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