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Dr. Herbstman performs a wide range of surgical facial enhancements for his patients. He takes a personal approach to each patient’s care and will assess the procedures that can benefit you the most during your in-depth consultation. See the difference when you visit his practice for a facial surgery.

Brow Lift

Over time, frown lines and deep creases on the forehead and above the nose can make you appear angry, tired, sad, or even older than you truly are. These wrinkles are intensified by sun exposure, stress, heredity, and weight gain or loss. During a brow lift, Dr. Robert Herbstman modifies the forehead muscles that produce furrows and frown lines. By tightening the muscles and lifting the forehead skin, a brow lift can improve or eliminate these lines and help you achieve a more refreshed, youthful appearance, as well as improve the shape of the brow and eyelids.

We offer the latest in minimally invasive endoscopic brow lift technique to New Jersey patients at our cosmetic surgery center. Depending on the level of work required and the patient’s unique characteristics, Dr. Herbstman will advise his patients on which brow lift procedure would be most effective during the initial consultation. If aging in the lower face is a concern, Dr. Herbstman may recommend a facelift.

An endoscopic brow lift involves three to five tiny incisions placed behind the hairline. An endoscope is then inserted into the incisions to provide a magnified view of the forehead anatomy. When necessary, the eyebrows are elevated slightly. For New Jersey patients who require minimal work, the less invasive endoscopic brow lift can serve as an ideal solution. However, excess skin is not removed during this procedure, so there is a greater risk of post-procedural drooping.

coronal or open brow lift involves the placement of an incision that traces the forehead and extends from ear to ear. This incision is well hidden behind the hairline so there will be no visible scar after the procedure. Working through the incision, Dr. Herbstman tightens the forehead muscles with sutures. He then stretches the loose skin upwards and trims away any excess skin. Once the eyebrows have been naturally repositioned and all the excess skin has been removed, the incision is closed with sutures. For New Jersey patients who have deep furrows and considerable sag in the brow region, this procedure offers long lasting if not permanent improvement.

Forehead Lift Overview


Otoplasty effectively alters the size and shape of the ears. While this surgical procedure is frequently performed on children aged 5 to 14, it also produces remarkable results for adult patients.

During otoplasty, Dr. Herbstman makes an incision behind the ear so that there is no visible scar following the procedure. He then weakens the cartilage to allow it to bend into the desired shape. The ear cartilage is pinned into place so that it heals properly. The results of otoplasty can have far-reaching positive effects on a child’s self-esteem and self-image.

Cheek & Chin Procedures

To improve the definition and balance of facial features, Dr. Herbstman has skill performing surgery using facial implants. Some patients who choose a rhinoplasty procedure also have a chin implant to improve the balance of their profile, particularly if they had a prominent nose and weaker chin prior to surgery. Cheek implants can be used to augment the cheeks.

If you are a candidate for either of these procedures, Dr. Herbstman is happy to discuss them with you during your consultation. Contact us at our practice in East Brunswick or Red Bank, New Jersey to request a consultation.

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