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Rhinoplasty can be a highly effective procedure for patients who want to improve their facial profile or alter the contour or size of the nose. The surgery can also correct injuries to the nose and breathing irregularities.

Dr. Robert Herbstman tailors his rhinoplasty procedure to address each patient’s unique appearance. During the initial consultation, he will assess your individual needs and learn about your goals in order to meet your aesthetic vision.

What Are The Benefits of Rhinoplasty?

People decide to have surgery on their nose both for cosmetic and functional improvement. Some of the benefits that result from Rhinoplasty include:

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Facial Symmetry: With its position at the center of the face, every aspect of your nose can affect your overall appearance. For the same reason, small and targeted revisions can significantly improve the balance and symmetry of your features. If you are self-conscious about the way you look and are ready to make a change, rhinoplasty can be a great solution.
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Improved Breathing: Trauma to the nose may also be preventing you from breathing comfortably and from getting a good night’s sleep. During a rhinoplasty, Dr. Herbstman can help patients repair damage and improve symptoms that they may have been living with for years.
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Natural Looking Results: When deciding about surgery, patients often want to know whether they will still look like themselves after rhinoplasty. They also want to know whether the outcome of their surgery will look natural or whether it will be apparent that they have had a “nose job.”

Dr. Herbstman brings more than 20 years of experience and training as a board-certified plastic surgeon to the care of his patients. He spends extensive time planning and performing procedures in minute detail. As a result, he is able to produce results that retain the same sense of physical self that a patient has always known, only with subtle and substantial aesthetic improvement returning a more balanced look to the facial features.

Is Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

If you are looking for a long-term solution, need functional improvement, or have concerns that fillers cannot address, Dr. Herbstman will review the rhinoplasty procedures with you. His surgeries are not one-size-fits-all. Instead, he utilizes a variety of techniques based on a patient’s individual needs. Some are relatively targeted, while others are more comprehensive and affect the nose on a larger scale. Surgery often focuses on both aesthetic improvement and functional repair.

Imaging For Successful Results

Typically, Dr. Herbstman uses computer imaging to show our patients the results that they might get with different approaches to rhinoplasty. This can be an excellent opportunity for you and Dr. Herbstman to create a shared vision for your successful outcome, marked by a natural-looking and attractive appearance.

Planning for Surgery

Together, you and Dr. Herbstman will define the features that you would like to address and the approach that he may use in your rhinoplasty. He will invite you to ask any questions you may have and help you understand how the procedure will work. When you are ready, our staff can help you schedule your surgery.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

Certain patients may benefit from nonsurgical techniques that can temporarily alter the appearance of their nose. For example, Dr. Herbstman may be able to use facial fillers to even out nasal irregularities. Patients who choose this approach can come in for a quick visit, receive targeted injections, and experience no downtime. The results of this type of treatment will last 1-2 years for most patients.

Step-By-Step Guide to Rhinoplasty

This step-by-step video guide gives you a more detailed look into our rhinoplasty or nose reshaping procedure.

What Is the Recovery After a Rhinoplasty Like?

Utilizing the latest scar-minimizing techniques, Dr. Herbstman will create tiny incisions inside or at the base of the nose. Depending on the goals of your surgery, he may then sculpt the nasal skeleton, straighten the bridge, or alter and refine the nasal tip.

After the surgery, our patients will wear a nasal splint for several days. Most experience some bruising or swelling beneath their eyes. Contemporary Plastic Surgery will help reduce these symptoms by providing an anti-inflammatory nutritional support package. We will recommend that you take off from work or school for about a week so that these signs of surgery can subside and so that you can rest and recover. Usually, you will need about 5-6 weeks before you have full and unrestricted activity.

The final result of your rhinoplasty can take up to a year to be revealed as swelling slowly fades away, but the most significant improvement will take place in the first few weeks. If you are having the surgery to resolve functional problems, you should notice that problems with breathing improve shortly after the procedure.

Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos

View Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos

Choose Dr. Herbstman For Natural-Looking Rhinoplasty Results

We invite you to schedule your first visit with our practice. During your initial consultation, Dr. Herbstman will talk with you about the features that you would like to change and help you understand how each step in his surgical strategy may affect your appearance and comfort.

To learn more about enhancing your features, browse through our facial procedures for all of the options available in Red Bank and East Brunswick at Contemporary Plastic Surgery.

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