Nowadays, American business culture places a strong emphasis on appearance.  If we look good, we feel good, and are then better prepared for success.  Confidence is beneficial in any business setting, and men want to both look and feel strong, healthy, and vibrant in the workplace as an investment in their career and personal success.  Men care about their image, primarily because the notions persist that youthful looking men are more successful in business, better able to attract a mate, and even have better sex lives!  Presently, the media and men’s magazines emphasize bulking up at the gym as the best way to improve men’s physical appearance with little to no emphasis on cosmetic procedures.  While physical fitness is crucial to achieving our physical and aesthetic goals, more men are taking advantage of the benefits of cosmetic surgery.  Dr. Herbstman understands the special techniques and considerations necessary when dealing with male patients, and makes them a top priority at Contemporary Plastic Surgery.  Although the eyes are the focal point of the face for both men and women, men are framed differently, particularly in the brow and jaw line.  Dr. Herbstman takes special care to understand gender differences in the face and avoid feminine features, so his male patients never overtly appear to have had work done.  Men desire strong, chiseled definition of the neck and jaw line, making them appear fit, athletic, decisive, and masculine, and Dr. Herbstman is attuned to these desires.

Men have different concerns than women as they age.  In their thirties and forties, a weak chin or a big nose can become a concern for men who are looking for a potential partner and want to project a more masculine appearance.  The same can be said for newly divorced older men.  Other men may feel self-conscious because of a heavy brow with deep glabellar furrows, small eyes, and skin eruptions that give the impression of being angry.  Still others may simply feel that their older appearance is a disadvantage in the workplace.  Whatever the concern, Dr. Herbstman will work with the patient to provide focused solutions to specific problems.  Most women have a specific vision of how they want to look, while most men just want to look better.  These days, there is also non Surgery hair replacement systems for men to prevent hair loss issues. With Dr. Herbstman, male patients can effectively improve their appearance, confidence, and image with as little down-time as possible.