At his New Jersey plastic surgery practice, Dr. Robert Herbstman attributes a recent rise in the number of post-weight loss patients seeking cosmetic procedures to the increased popularity of bariatric surgery.

East Brunswick, New Jersey (February 2012) – Dr. Robert A. Herbstman of Contemporary Plastic Surgery has noticed an increase in the number of post-weight-loss patients coming to his New Jersey plastic surgery practice for cosmetic procedures.

He attributes this to the growing popularity of bariatric surgery, which is helping people lose large amounts of weight but can leave them with sagging skin and excess tissue in some areas.

Bariatric surgery rates have doubled in six years, according to the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery. The group reports that 220,000 procedures were performed in 2008, the most recent year for which statistics are available.

“The number of bariatric procedures performed every year in the U.S. is greatly increasing thanks to advances in procedural techniques,” Dr. Herbstman says. “Patients are turning to surgeons for the results they need and desire.”

Because of the increased number of bariatric patients, more people are also seeking post-weight-loss cosmetic procedures to address residual concerns.

“Excess skin and remaining fat pockets can be difficult and even impossible to remove through only diet and exercise,” Dr. Herbstman says. “I offer a range of procedures to help patients contour their bodies so they can more fully enjoy the results of their bariatric procedures.”

Dr. Herbstman performs a full spectrum of procedures for post-weight-loss patients, including liposuction, tummy tucks, body lifts and breast augmentation in New Jersey.

“While breast augmentation may not be the first procedure people think of when post-weight-loss surgery is mentioned, I have achieved great success in restoring volume to patients’ breasts,” Dr. Herbstman says. “A breast lift is also a popular option with women who wish to restore a more youthful appearance. Everyone’s body reacts differently to weight loss, so procedures such as breast augmentation and breast lifts can be customized to match a patient’s specific needs.”

Dr. Herbstman says procedures such as liposuction help New Jersey patients take the final step in the body-contouring process.

“Although bariatric procedures are excellent for helping people achieve their weight-loss goals, many patients find that they are still not satisfied with their bodies,” he says. “Post-weight-loss procedures contour the body according to a patient’s exact needs.

“People deserve to feel comfortable in their skin, and I’m looking forward to assisting more patients as they discover the advances in procedural techniques at our practice.”

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