Middle Aged Female With Short Brown Hair Smiling Wearing Green Sweater Blouse

Middle Aged Female With Short Brown Hair Smiling Wearing Green Sweater BlouseAging. Don’t you wish we could just avoid even talking about it? Unfortunately, we can’t avoid the inevitable and aging will affect  us all. But wait! There’s hope. Dr. Herbstman of Contemporary Plastic Surgery can provide men and women all over New Jersey with relief from that pesky fact of life. If you’re doing research before making your appointment with Dr. Herbstman for a facelift, you might be wondering what exactly he can correct during the procedure. Well, you’ve come to the right place, so keep reading as we discuss just that.

Let’s Talk About Facelifts

A facelift is medically known as a rhytidectomy and is a cosmetic surgery that Dr. Herbstman uses to provide improvement for the visible signs of aging in New Jersey men and women. When you come to Contemporary Plastic Surgery for your facelift, you will experience rejuvenation to the lower parts of your face, specifically:

  • Volume that has been lost in the checks
  • Lines and wrinkles that have formed around the mouth and nose
  • Sagging in the lower part of the face that creates those dreaded jowls
  • Drooping skin under the chin that seems to gobble when you look in the mirror

The Facelift Procedure

During your facelift with Dr. Herbstman will restore sagging tissues to their youthful position and remove excess facial skin from your lower face and neck getting rid of those jowls and gobbler. By doing this, patients will have a tighter and smoother facial appearance. For patients who are concerned about waking up only to look like they’ve been in a wind tunnel, don’t worry. With today’s advancements in the facelift procedure, Dr. Herbstman is able to provide natural-looking results for his patients without making them look like they had “work done.” .”

What About The Scar

Facelifts are not a one size fits all procedure – you have options. During your consultation with Dr. Herbstman, be sure to fully explain your desired results to him so he can develop a customized treatment plant to provide you with a look you’ll be excited about. Most facelifts will fall under one of two types:

  • A Traditional Facelift – This type of facelift is the most common choice for men and women in New Jersey, as it offers the most change. For this facelift, Dr. Herbstman will make an incision around the sideburn area that will extend behind the tragus (bump in front of the ear) and continue under the earlobe  and extend behind the ear into the hairline of the scalp. Sometimes a hidden incision under the chin is necessary as well. Although the incision around the ear  is a long incision, the majority of it will be hidden. and will not be seen by others.
  • A Limited Facelift – For patients who only need a small amount of tissue resuspension for their facelift, Dr. Herbstman will use a series of smaller incisions in order to minimize visibility and scarring. These short scars will also be placed behind the ear within the hairline but will still give Dr. Herbstman the access he needs to provide New Jersey patients with results that will excite them.