Close Up of Male Upper Torso Showing Muscle Definition In Breasts and Arms

If you’re a man who has decided to take the leap and regain confidence in your body through male breast reduction surgery, you’ve likely already had an initial consultation with Dr. Herbstman at Contemporary Plastic Surgery to find out all you need to know about the procedure and how he can help you by reducing or eliminating your gynecomastia. But, before you head to the OR, there are things you need to do to prepare for your gynecomastia surgery. Read on as we discuss several things that will prove helpful during your preparation.

1. Eat A Healthy Diet Before Your Surgery

Obviously, everyone knows that eating a healthy diet is important, not only for your physical appearance but for your overall health, too. But did you know that eating a healthy diet before having your gynecomastia surgery is just as important? For many men, being overweight attributes to the severity of their symptoms. It’s a good idea to establish a healthy eating routine before your procedure so you will be ready to eat a healthy diet after your surgery. Depending on your current habits, you may even be able to shed a few pounds before surgery and reduce the amount of fatty tissue Dr. Herbstman needs to remove. Not only that but eating a healthy diet will help you keep weight off in the future, which means you won’t end up back where you started – with gynecomastia all over again.

 2. Don’t Smoke

Dr. Herbstman recommends his patients stop smoking for 7 weeks before and after their surgery. Although Dr. Herbstman doesn’t want to lecture his gynecomastia patients about their smoking habits, he obviously recommends they don’t smoke. Not only is it bad for your overall health, but it’s also dangerous during and after surgery. Smoking causes the blood vessels in the body to constrict, which hinders blood flow. When you undergo an operation, your body needs all the blood it can get to the operation site in order to heal. If you have been smoking leading up to your gynecomastia surgery, or smoke too soon after, you could experience less than desirable results, a longer healing period, and complications.

 3. Create A Realistic Exercise Plan For After Your Gynecomastia Surgery

Most of the men Dr. Herbstman sees for a gynecomastia procedure have aspirations of becoming more fit and toned. So even if you’re not someone who hits the gym much before you have your procedure, make a plan to start after your surgery and once you’ve been cleared to exercise. Not only will exercise be good for your overall health, but it will also help build your self-esteem and improve your results. But remember – be realistic in your planning. Make a goal you know you can achieve so you won’t let yourself down.

 4. Fill Your Prescriptions

Before you come in for your gynecomastia surgery, Dr. Herbstman will provide you with some medication prescriptions you can have filled. This will take the stress out of finding someone to run to the pharmacy for you after your procedure while you are in pain. Get it done ahead of time and be ready for your next dose once you are home resting.

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Hopefully, this blog has helped give you an idea of the ways you need to prepare for your gynecomastia procedure with Dr. Herbstman, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact any of his offices at any time at (732) 254-1919.