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After nine months of pregnancy and delivering a baby, many women look in the mirror and are bothered with what they see. Some women are frustrated with stretch marks and an abdominal bulge, and other women see sagging breasts after feeding their infants. For these reasons and others, mommy makeovers continue to be extremely popular.

The term mommy makeovers can refer to a wide range of nips, tucks, and body sculpting that help women return to their pre-pregnancy bodies. However, not all mommy makeovers are the same. You should sit down and chat with a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon about what your goals are. They can tell you what can realistically be achieved. At Contemporary Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, Dr. Herbstman understands these patient concerns and prioritizes building body confidence in a sustainable way.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

As mentioned above, a mommy makeover is a range of plastic surgery procedures designed to restore body confidence. While women may undergo different procedures as part of their surgery, most mommy makeovers include at least some of the following procedures: liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, and breast augmentation. Other less common procedures include buttock enhancement and labiaplasty.

Even though some women desire to have these surgeries immediately following the birth of their child, most doctors recommend taking a pause, allowing your body to heal, and thinking about what you want to achieve.

Make Sure Your Mommy Makeover Results Last

Getting a mommy makeover is a great first step on your road to improved self-esteem and body image. However, it is important to remember that without putting in the necessary work after your surgery and your recovery, you may find your body drifting back to its pre-makeover shape. 

Below are five tips that will help you maintain your results in the long term. 

#1 Put in the Research Ahead of Your Surgery 

Many plastic surgeons promote their mommy makeover services, but not all plastic surgeons have the skill and experience to perform these procedures in a way that will leave you satisfied with your results. Make sure to have a thorough consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon before you decide to go ahead with the surgery. Ask all the questions that you have about the process, as well as the recovery. Also, remember to ask about their track record of success. Have they performed several similar procedures? If so, are their patients satisfied? 

It is also a great idea to turn to your network of friends. Many of your friends may have already had mommy makeovers. Ask them which provider they used and if they were satisfied with their results. After all, word-of-mouth can be an invaluable resource. 

#2 Pick the Right Time for Your Mommy Makeover 

Often, women rush to have a mommy makeover as soon as they deliver their child. Sometimes women even look for a doctor who is willing to perform a tummy tuck at the same time that they are having a C-section. Even though this is technically possible, this is probably not the most effective approach to take. 

Pregnancy and childbirth are challenging, even for the healthiest women. It makes sense to take a pause and give your body a chance to heal before putting it through anything else medically or surgically. Also, you may not know if you want to have another child. To ensure that your mommy makeover results last as long as possible and that you do not have to go under the knife again, take a pause. Wait until you have 100 percent decided that you have completed your family, and then go down the mommy makeover route. 

#3 Have the Surgery When You Are Close to Your Ideal Weight 

One of the most common reasons that women give for wanting a mommy makeover is to tighten up areas of the body that may be loose or sagging, including the stomach area and the hips and thighs. This can be achieved via liposuction. But you will be happier with your liposuction results if you have already lost weight through a committed diet and exercise regime.  

Liposuction is not a weight-loss strategy. Even though it can remove a small amount of weight, usually ranging from 2 to 5 pounds for each session, it is not recommended for larger weight loss goals. In fact, trying to lose more weight with liposuction dramatically increases the risk of complications. Instead, liposuction is a way to remove fat in specific areas

#4 Maintain a Regular Exercise Program 

Some women may see a mommy makeover as a quick fix to their ideal body. However, there is nothing quick or easy about this approach. It is important to continue to work out regularly once the recovery period has ended to maintain the results of your mommy makeover. This keeps your weight in its ideal range and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of your mommy makeover. 

Regular exercise is important, but it is not enough on its own. You also should eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. This will help you maintain your ideal weight. It will also give you a boost of energy so that you can enjoy all the perks of your made-over body. 

#5 Assess All of Your Health and Lifestyle Choices 

A mommy makeover gives you the opportunity to reflect on all your health and lifestyle choices and think about what you are doing well and areas where you could improve. If you are currently smoking, there is no better time to quit than right now. First, exposing your children to secondhand smoke increases their risk of developing a wide range of childhood conditions, such as asthma. At the same time, smoking also negatively impacts your health. 

In addition to the traditional risks associated with smoking, smoking slows your recovery from surgery and increases your risk of developing post-surgical complications. Smoking also ages you and makes you look older than you are, which counteracts all the self-image boosts that you got from your mommy makeover. 

Dr. Herbstman at Contemporary Plastic Surgery in New Jersey has successfully performed mommy makeovers on hundreds of patients who are enthusiastic about their positive body transformation. He prides himself on understanding the needs of his patients and clearly communicating with them about the ins and outs of the makeover process. Contact us to learn more today.