Last week I got the familiar phone call from the emergency room….
“Dr. Herbstman we have a patient here who just got off the plane from having cosmetic surgery in Colombia, (or Dominican Republic) she has a fever of 102 and an open draining wound….”
Over the past few years the number of patients traveling overseas for cosmetic surgery has taken off. I guess the prospect of getting your surgery done inexpensively is too appealing for some to turn down. Those who make this choice should be aware that every surgery carries some risk, and that care after the procedure is as important as the operation itself. We educate potential patients that the safety and sterility of the operating suite environment is also of utmost importance and will have an impact on surgery results. It’s a shame that someone would be willing to trust their life to a surgeon practicing discount surgery in a foreign country to save a few dollars.  By getting the word out that these disasters are more common than you would think perhaps we can help potential patients make smarter, safer choices.
Dangers of Medical Tourism