Women considering breast augmentation with breast implants often ask me about the best time of year for their procedure. They want to make sure that they have time to recover so they can enjoy the results of their enhanced appearance in summer’s revealing attire, from sleeveless tops and tanks to bikinis.

At my New Jersey plastic surgery practice, women often choose the spring months to have their enhancement procedure. Typically, by scheduling their surgery in early spring, they can fully heal before the warm weather season begins. For breast augmentation, I use advanced surgical techniques that both reduce recovery time and hide signs of scarring.

After this type of procedure, women usually experience some soreness for just a few days. I use the ON-Q® pain reduction system to minimize post-operative pain. Swelling after surgery typically requires several weeks to completely subside. For most women, any visible scars fade significantly within the first few months, and are almost unnoticeable after you are fully healed.