With time, the effects of sun, gravity, weight loss, and the natural aging process can take a toll on the face. The skin loses its youthful elasticity and begins to droop, resulting in jowls and deep wrinkles that may make you look much older than you truly are. With facelift surgery, New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Herbstman skillfully restores his patients’ youthful, natural beauty.

Dr. Herbstman takes a personal approach to each patient’s care. See the difference when you visit his practice in East Brunswick and Red Bank. To learn more about face lift surgery, request a consultation online or call us at (732) 254-1919.

Weight Gain Made My Face Fat

Meet Mary Ann, who opted for a facelift with Dr. Herbstman after losing 30 pounds left her with some sagging, loose skin. “There was no scarring, there was no bruising, and there was no pain,” she says.

Individualized Improvements

A face lift rejuvenates the lower two-thirds of the face – from the ears to the cheeks, and down to the jaw line and neck. During your in-depth, initial consultation, Dr. Herbstman will recommend the appropriate face lift to most effectively address your unique needs. With over 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience, he consistently provides improvements that are attractive and natural looking.

Dr. Herbstman offers many variations of the facelift for New Jersey patients who visit his practice by customizing it to their unique facial structure and aesthetic needs. For those with mild sagging, he offers minimally invasive techniques that minimize scarring and reduce the recovery period. He even tailors the face lift to the specific needs of male patients as part of a comprehensive line of plastic surgery procedures for men.

What to Expect

Dr. Herbstman performs facelift surgery at his fully-accredited, onsite surgical suite typically while the patient is under twilight anesthesia. During the surgery, he makes an incision that extends from the sideburn or temple to the top of the ear on both sides of the face taking care to conceal it behind the hairline. Minimally invasive face lifts involve a few small incisions rather than a single longer one. Dr. Herbstman carefully lifts the skin and suctions out excess fat in order to improve the contour of the jaw line. He also trims and tightens the facial muscles. Before closing the face lift incisions, he re-drapes the skin taut over the modified muscles and removes any excess skin.

New Jersey patients can usually return home the day of their facelift surgery. The sutures are removed within a few days, and patients can resume most normal activities within 1 to 2 weeks.

Facelift Alternatives

While a face lift provides significant, lasting improvements, many patients either do not need such extensive treatment or prefer to avoid the associated expense and recovery time. Dr. Herbstman offers the following alternatives that can address many of the same concerns, such as wrinkles and facial lines, that face lift is designed to correct:

  • Brow lift: The brow lift smoothes forehead lines and lifts hooded brows. It is simpler to perform than a facelift and requires less downtime after surgery.
  • Ultherapy: A safe and effective non-surgical alternative to a facelift is Ultherapy®, which tightens skin on the jawline, neck, and brow using ultrasound energy.
  • Injectable treatments: New Jersey patients who want to avoid surgery altogether have many effective options including BOTOX® Cosmetic and injectable fillers like Restylane® or JUVÉDERM® XC.
  • Skin care options: We also offer a host of prescription-only skin care products and non-invasive skin treatments that can help you look refreshed and vibrant.

During your consultation, Dr. Herbstman will help you determine which procedure or treatment will most effectively address your unique needs. Give us a call at our practice in East Brunswick or Red Bank, New Jersey to request a consultation.