Over time, a variety of uncontrollable factors may affect the youthful appearance and position of a woman’s breasts. Pregnancy, nursing, weight fluctuations, gravity, and the natural aging process can cause the breasts to sag and droop. Dr. Herbstman can perform your breast lift at our cosmetic surgery center. A lift can restore the breasts’ youthful position and appearance. It can also reduce the size of the areola or be combined with implants as part of a breast augmentation, enhancing both firmness and size.

Dr. Herbstman takes a personal approach to each patient’s care. See the difference when you visit his practice in East Brunswick and Red Bank.

What to Expect

During a breast lift, Dr. Herbstman removes excess skin and repositions the areola and nipple, lifting them to a higher and more youthful-looking position. The entire outpatient procedure requires anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the patient’s individual needs. If you would like to improve both the shape and size of your breasts, speak with Dr. Herbstman about combining a breast augmentation with your breast lift.

It is important for New Jersey breast lift patients to be aware that, as in all surgical procedures, there will be a scar. Dr. Herbstman is an experienced breast lift surgeon who utilizes advanced surgical techniques to minimize the appearance of the scar. For most women who undergo breast lift surgery, the resulting scar is an acceptable tradeoff in light of the aesthetic improvement of their breasts.

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