Over time, a variety of factors may affect the youthful appearance and position of a woman’s breasts. Pregnancy, nursing, weight fluctuations, gravity, and the natural aging process can cause the breasts to sag and droop. These changes can affect both the aesthetics of the breasts and a woman’s quality of life, from limiting her clothing options to reducing her comfort and general self-confidence.

If your goal is to have more youthful-looking, cosmetically appealing breasts, you may benefit from breast lift surgery. Dr. Herbstman performs the procedure for New Jersey women to restore their breasts to a more complementary state, shape, and appearance. The surgery can also reduce the size of the areola for greater symmetry or be combined with breast augmentation to increase the size of the breasts.

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Women who are good candidates for breast lift surgery typically have:

  • A high percentage of their breast tissue below the inframammary fold: the place where the breast connects to the chest wall.
  • Nipples that are below the inframammary fold.

While these conditions are common with women who have had children, they are not restricted to these patients alone. Women of all ages who have never been pregnant may develop this kind of ptosis (sagging) and seek out surgical care.

When Dr. Herbstman conducts breast lift procedures for New Jersey women, his general approach is to reshape the breast so that the tissue and the nipple are in a higher alignment, at or above the inframammary fold. This gives the breasts a more youthful, symmetrical, and shapely appearance.

Exploring Breast Lift Surgery

Your visit to Contemporary Plastic Surgery is an excellent opportunity to learn about all of your options for aesthetic care. Dr. Herbstman will spend extensive time with you discussing various approaches to treatment based on the goals that you want to accomplish.

In general, New Jersey women who want higher, shapelier breasts — but who already have the fullness and size they prefer — will benefit from a breast lift rather than breast augmentation. An augmentation does not provide lift on its own, and the added fullness from a breast implant will not typically raise the nipple and tissue above the inframammary crease.

During the consultation, Dr. Herbstman can discuss the tradeoffs involved with breast lift. As in all surgical procedures, there will be some scarring afterwards. Dr. Herbstman is an experienced breast lift surgeon who utilizes advanced techniques to minimize scarring. For most New Jersey women who have a breast lift, the resulting signs of surgery are an acceptable tradeoff in light of the aesthetic improvement that they get. Before your surgery, Dr. Herbstman can share before and after photos with you so that you can see a representative sample of patient outcomes.

What to Expect

During a breast lift, Dr. Herbstman removes excess skin and repositions the areola and nipple, lifting them to a higher and more youthful-looking position. The entire outpatient procedure requires from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the patient’s needs. If you would like to alter both the shape and size of your breasts, speak with Dr. Herbstman about combining your breast lift with a breast augmentation.

Following surgery, our New Jersey patients can expect that the shape of their breasts to evolve over time. They may appear somewhat high on the chest over the first few months but should settle into a lower and more ideal position within 3-6 months. Generally, healing takes between two weeks to two months. By the end of this period, patients can expect a more youthful and attractive appearance in line with their aesthetic vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the recovery following breast lift surgery painful?

Most of our patients do not find the recovery process to be very painful, and we provide detailed post-operative instructions to make the experience as comfortable as possible. That said, some women develop firmness in their breasts that can take time to subside. We encourage patients to contact the practice with any questions as they heal from their surgery.

Will my surgical scars be very noticeable?

Dr. Herbstman goes to great lengths to perform breast lift procedures in such a way that surgical scars are as subtle as possible. This means extensively planning each procedure, placing incisions carefully, and guiding New Jersey patients in post-operative care so that incisions will fade over time.

Scars will take about six months to 1 ½ years to fade, and Contemporary Plastic Surgery supports this process with scar management treatments and advanced topical products. Our practice is so committed to your satisfaction over the long term, that we encourage you to come back to the office for complimentary annual visits so that we can discuss how you are doing and address any questions or concerns that may develop.

What cup size will I be after a breast lift?

During your consultation at Contemporary Plastic Surgery, you and Dr. Herbstman will discuss the results you would like to get with your procedure, including the size, shape, and appearance of your breasts. Each patient’s results will be specific to her goals.

Dr. Herbstman tends to stay away from defining outcomes in terms of cup size because it can be a non-specific measurement. Manufacturing labels vary from bra maker to bra maker, and many New Jersey patients come to the practice having never worn a properly fitted bra. In fact, we recommend that patients take the opportunity following their procedure to visit a good-quality bra fitter so that they can receive the support and comfort helpful in maintaining excellent results.

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