If you have unsuccessfully tried to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it could be time to consider liposuction. New Jersey’s plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Herbstman blends extensive training and experience with an artistic eye to consistently give his patients slim, sculpted contours through liposuction. While it’s not a substitute for weight loss, this procedure can create a remarkably smoother and slimmer body contour.

There are many important facts you need to know about liposuction. Although many cosmetic and plastic surgery practices in New Jersey offer the latest advances in liposuction technology, your results will ultimately depend on the surgeon using the technology. Dr. Herbstman is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a liposuction specialist.

Dr. Herbstman takes a personal approach to each patient’s care. See the difference when you visit his practice in East Brunswick and Red Bank. To learn more about liposuction, request a consultation online or call us at (732) 254-1919.

What to Expect

With over 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience, Dr. Herbstman is skilled in a variety of liposuction techniques to refine and sculpt areas such as the abdomen, “love handles,” buttocks, back, thighs, arms and legs. Liposuction can also enhance other procedures such as a tummy tuckbody lift, or breast augmentation by providing additional refinement to the contours of your body. Liposuction is also a good choice for removing fat below the chin, and Dr. Herbstman also offers non-surgical KYBELLA® treatments as an alternative for this stubborn area. Dr. Herbstman will review your options during your in-depth consultation.

Dr. Herbstman performs liposuction at his fully-accredited, onsite surgery center using twilight anesthesia. With the use of power assisted liposuction (PAL) technology, smooth, even results with minimal downtime are achieved. He places the tiny incisions inconspiculously in natural skin creases in the areas to be treated. Excess fat is removed using small suction cannulas. Incisions are closed with dissolving sutures.

After liposuction surgery, patients will wear a compression garment for several weeks to assist with healing and ensure the skin contours properly to the body’s new curves. Any temporary swelling and discomfort can easily be controlled with pain medication. If a proper diet and regular exercise routine is maintained, the improvements from liposuction are long lasting.

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