Case 12 Before and After Liposuction Front View

Case 12

This 35-year old mother was bothered by the appearance of certain areas of her body that had changed after giving birth to two children. She desired a flatter abdomen and elected liposuction to help her regain her shape.

Case 4 Before and After Liposuction Front View

Case 4

This young woman was unhappy with her body shape and wanted to look more fit. Wanting to find a surgeon in who does liposuction in New Jersey, this patient came to Contemporary Plastic Surgery to meet with our talented surgeon in order to discuss her options.

Although this patient isn't a size two, the "after" photos show a dramatic decrease in the amount of fat on her body, giving her a smoother and more even looking frame.

Age: 26
Gender: Female

Case 13 Before and After Liposuction Front View

Case 13

This New Jersey patient was concerned about the fatty deposits on her inner and outer thighs which disrupted the smoothness of her body's curves. After liposuction surgery on her thighs, her body appears more streamlined. Her inner thighs have been slimmed and are no longer touching each other.

Gender: Female