Relationship Between Incision Size And The Breast Implant

Close Up of Breasts In Lacy Gray Bra
Every year Dr. Herbstman sees hundreds of women in New Jersey about having breast implants placed. And everyone has different goals for their final look. Whether they want to turn more heads, fill out clothes they’ve never been able to fit in, or they’re having reconstruction after a mastectomy, Dr. Herbstman can help each of his patients reach their goals. For many women who see...
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Spring Is an Ideal Time For Breast Implants

Women considering breast augmentation with breast implants often ask me about the best time of year for their procedure. They want to make sure that they have time to recover so they can enjoy the results of their enhanced appearance in summer’s revealing attire, from sleeveless tops and tanks to bikinis. At my New Jersey plastic surgery practice, women often choose the spring months to have their......
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