Dare To Bare

HOW TO PUT YOUR BEST CHEST FORWARD: Advice for a Younger Looking Decollete I like a good turtleneck as much as the next woman, but when the right occasion warrants it, I’d still like to wear my fair share of cleavage-baring ensembles without feeling like I’m inviting criticism. Like many women, I take great care of my facial skin with antioxidant serums, sunblock, facials and......
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Plastic Surgery For Service: Medical Missions

Interplast Mission Group Photo
In many parts of the world, availability of even basic health care is limited. That means access to medical specialty care, such as the transformative power of procedures we offer at our New Jersey plastic surgery practice, can be a daunting challenge. That’s where medical mission trips come in. They provide treatments for patients in need that would otherwise not be able to get care. In any...
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Worried About Double Chin Introducing Kybella®

Brunette Model With Eyes Closed Wearing Sweater On Blue Blackground
Are you bothered by that pesky submental fullness or a “double chin”? Who isn’t? This troubling spot varies in size according to an individual’s genetics, but it tends to worsen with weight gain and aging. Unfortunately, it’s one of those unsightly areas resistant to improvement by diet and exercise alone. That’s why double chin treatments are so popular among our New Jersey patients. WHAT ARE...
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Breast Implant Revision Surgery: All You Need to Know

Model Lying On White Bed Sheets In Blue Lace Night Blouse
Plastic surgeons have been performing breast augmentation surgery for more than 40 years. As most people know, the quality and choice of breast implants have improved dramatically over this period of time, and things are no different at my practice here in New Jersey.
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Botox® Cosmetic Treatment For Men

Botox Before and After of Male Model
Bend just about any flexible material enough times and you’ll get a visible crease. Skin is no different. Young skin has more collagen and elastin which helps resist wrinkling. But as we all know, with age come those unsightly wrinkles. Among the more effective treatments for facial wrinkles is botulinum toxin. Available products are BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport® and Xeomin®, all available at our practice in New Jersey....
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How We Prevent Pain & Nausea After Surgery

Female Lying On Couch Working on Laptop
Most of our patients in New Jersey want to know how painful their plastic surgery procedures are going to be and how long will they have to remain in bed. Many remark that they had negative surgical experiences in the past because of pain and postoperative nausea or vomiting (known as “PONV”). It’s true that pain management after surgery can be a challenge for surgeons...
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Spring Into Shape!

After a long, cold winter, spring is finally in the air and thoughts turn to fun in the sun. Typically at this time of year we see an increase in patients interested in breast enhancement. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the number of breast augmentation and breast lift procedures continue to increase in popularity each year with nearly 300,000 breast augmentations being performed in......
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The Perils Of Medical Tourism, Or How To Be Pennywise And Pound Foolish

Last week I got the familiar phone call from the emergency room…. “Dr. Herbstman we have a patient here who just got off the plane from having cosmetic surgery in Colombia, (or Dominican Republic) she has a fever of 102 and an open draining wound….” Over the past few years the number of patients traveling overseas for cosmetic surgery has taken off. I guess the......
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What Makes A Good Ultherapy® Candidate?

One of the most innovative and interesting treatments I offer at my plastic surgery practice isn’t actually a form of surgery at all. Ultherapy is a relatively new platform that can be used in addition to or instead of facelift surgery, and my New Jersey patients seem to love it. It’s a safe and effective skin tightening procedure that requires no downtime, so many people want......
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