Tummy Tuck Recovery FAQ

Young Brunette Female Model
When it comes to an abdominoplasty—commonly known as a “tummy tuck”—the excitement for a sleeker stomach is often coupled with concerns about the post-op process. It helps to know what to expect during recovery.
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Will Tummy Tuck Scars Eventually Go Away?

Close Up of Female's Flat Tummy Wearing White Shorts
At first glance, a tummy tuck might almost seem too good to be true. With a single surgical procedure, you can get rid of that stubborn fat and flab that hangs around your stomach and achieve the tight, flat abdomen of your dreams.
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How Visible Are Scars After A Facelift?

Left Profile of Older Female with lift lines
When New Jersey men and women start to notice those pesky signs of aging every time they look at themselves in the mirror, they often get discouraged. How and when did this happen? It seems like just yesterday your face was nice and tight and smooth.
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Where Are The Incisions Made For A Facelift?

Beautiful brunette with clean face
There aren’t many people in New Jersey who LIKE to age. Of course, all the knowledge and wisdom are great, but the loss of elasticity and vibrancy in your face is usually considered a downer for most men and women. If you are tired of looking older than you feel, and are ready to talk to Dr. Herbstman about a facelift, call his office today....
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What Is The Right Age To Start Dermal Fillers?

One of the most frequently asked questions Dr. Herbstman receives during a skin consultation is, “When should I start getting dermal fillers?” More and more younger women are coming in for fillers – and they don’t all want fuller lips like a Kardashian. Instead, many women in New Jersey are concerned about the overall health of their skin. So, to answer this frequently asked question......
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What Dermal Fillers Can And Cannot Do For Your Face

Close Up of Smiling Female Face With Thick Black Eyebrows
Dermal fillers are becoming increasingly popular among men and women in New Jersey. And it’s no surprise why – they do wonders for the aging skin. Many people know dermal fillers as “wrinkle fillers,” but they do more than just fill in wrinkles. Dermal fillers have many rejuvenating benefits for the face. However, there are also many things dermal fillers can’t do. And unfortunately, Dr....
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