Female Model With Red Hair and Eyebrows Gazing at Camera In Bare Shoulders

Female Model With Red Hair and Eyebrows Gazing at Camera In Bare ShouldersIf you’ve met with Dr. Herbstman at New Jersey’s Contemporary Plastic Surgery and have decided to have a facelift, there are a few things you need to do in order to prepare for your surgery. Keep reading as we go over 10 tips that will help you be ready for your big day. 

 1. Prepare Financially

You know that a facelift is not a inexpensive procedure, and it isn’t covered under your health insurance plan. Before you can schedule your surgery, our staff will walk you through your payment options. It’s best to know how you will pay for your procedure before your first consultation with Dr. Herbstman.

 2. Adjust Your Prescription Medications

Talk with Dr. Herbstman about all of your prescription medications during your initial consultation. If needed, he will consult with your prescribing physician to determine whether or not you need to make changes to or adjust your medications to ensure you are safe during your facelift procedure.

 3. Stop Smoking

In reality, any type of nicotine use is off limits when you’re preparing for your facelift. Nicotine restricts blood flow and can cause complications during and after your procedure. So, stop smoking, chewing, and vaping now!

 4. Avoid Certain Over-the-Counter Medications

To decrease the risk of excessive bleeding during and after your facelift, avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements. If you’re unsure about a medication, talk to Dr. Herbstman during your consultation.

 5. Plan For Help

Having any type of surgery requires downtime, and the same goes for a facelift. Before you come in for your procedure, be sure to ask for help from friends and family in the New Jersey area. You’ll need someone to drive you home, care for you, and help clean up around the house for a few days after your surgery.

 6. Prepare Meals

It’s a good idea to prepare and freeze meals ahead of your facelift. This will alleviate the worry and hassle of meal planning and preparation while you are recovering. If you’re not a fan of the kitchen, consider signing up for a meal delivery service during your recovery period.

 7. Have Your Prescriptions Filled

During your last appointment before your facelift, Dr. Herbstman will provide you with pain medication prescriptions. Have those filled before you come in for your surgery. This will ensure you will be able to maintain your medication regimen and avoid excessive pain.

 8. Hydrate

This may sound strange, but New Jersey men and women should make sure they are well-hydrated before having their facelift. Water does a body good, and even more so when it’s called on for healing. Make sure you drink plenty of water in the days and weeks leading up to your surgery to ensure a quick and smooth recovery.

 9. Have A Ride

During your facelift, you will be sedated and won’t be able to drive once you wake up. Therefore, have someone bring you to your appointment, , and be ready to take you home once you’ve been released by Dr. Herbstman.

 10. Have The Right Clothing

This one often puzzles New Jersey patients. The right clothes? Yes! After your facelift, you don’t want to be constrained to take shirts on and off over your head, so be prepared with shirts that button, zip, or tie. This will save you a lot of frustration during your recovery.